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ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS EDUCATION GUIDE 2018           Holy Cross                                               St Mary’s
                                                 Catholic Primary School                                 Catholic Primary School

                                                              OPEN DAY                                               OPEN DAY

                                                                     Wednesday                                               Thursday
                                                                18th October, 2017                                     5th October, 2017
                                                                 9.30am-2.30pm                                         9.30am-11.30am

                                                    Visitors are welcome at any time.                       ‘Christ in my Head, Heart and Hands’
                                                 Please call our office to arrange a visit
                                                                                                                 Ofsted November, 2014: The quality of
                                                   if you are unable to make this date                    teaching is consistently good. Pupils make good

                                                   Ofsted July, 2015: Pupils enjoy learning and make                  progress in a range of subjects
                                                 good progress because of the creative and imagina-      throughout the school. Pupils behave well in class
                                                                                                         and around the school. The school’s work to keep
                                                   tive way different subjects are planned and taught.
                                                   Pupils get on very well together both at play and in                  pupils safe is outstanding.
                                                 lessons. The school’s work to keep pupils safe and se-
                                                                                                           St Mary’s Catholic Primary School,
                                                                             cure is good.                          Ampthill Road, Ryde,

                                                     Holy Cross Catholic Primary School,                      PO33 1LJ. Tel: 01983 562000
                                                          Millfield Avenue, East Cowes,
                                                         PO32 6AS. Tel: 01983 292885                    

                                                  We invite you to come and visit
                                                 our vibrant and exciting schools.
                                                 Talk to our excellent and friendly

                                                    teaching staff and see good
                                                           education in action

                                                            St Saviour’s                                  St Thomas of Canterbury
                                                  Catholic Primary School                                 Catholic Primary School

                                                              OPEN DAY                                         OPEN MORNINGS

                                                                       Thursday                                           Tuesday 3rd and
                                                                 5th October, 2017                                         Wednesday 4th
                                                                9.30am-11.30am                                              October, 2017
                                                     ‘I have come that they may have life
                                                               and have it to the full’                          ‘God is in the heart of all we do’

                                                                    Ofsted April, 2015:                   Ofsted November, 2014: Early years Provision is
                                                       Teaching is consistently at least good.            good. Children’s learning is encouraged through
                                                 Key to this is the excellent learning ethos that is       a good range of planned activities, both inside
                                                                                                           and outside, and they make a good start in the
                                                                  evident in all classes.                Reception year. Staff make sure that children learn
                                                                                                           and develop in a supportive, safe environment
                                                   St Saviour’s Catholic Primary School,                   where they feel well cared for and looked after.
                                                           Summers Lane, Totland,
                                                                                                               St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic
                                                      PO39 0HQ. Tel: 01983 752175                         Primary School, High Street, Carisbrooke,
                                                                                                                 PO30 1NR. Tel: 01983 522747

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