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Making sure your child
                                        attends school

                                        AS A parent/carer, it is your legal responsibility
                                        to make sure your child attends their school

                                          Schools and the local authority are   has access to full-time education, to
                                        working together to ensure every pupil  which they are entitled.

Holidays                                                                                  The IW Council promotes good
                                                                                       attendance and reduced absence
Holidays should only                                                                   and will act early to address pat-
be taken during school                                                                 terns of absence.
holiday periods.
                                                                                          Sometimes, parents/carers can
IF YOU require your child to be absent                                                 have problems getting their child
from school to take a holiday, you                                                     to attend school. If this happens
must ask the school’s permission,                                                      to you, contact the IW Council as
giving as much notice as possible.                                                     soon as you can. It will then be
Absence during the school term to                                                      able to work with you to improve
go on holiday will not normally be                                                     your child’s school attendance.
authorised by the school.
                                                                                          If your child is of compulsory
                                                                                       school age and fails to regularly
                                                                                       attend the school at which they
                                                                                       are registered, or at a place
                                                                                       where there is alternative provi-
                                                                                       sion for them, then you may be
                                                                                       guilty of an offence and can be

                                        Things you need to know

                                        IF YOU apply on medical grounds         aided school you must also
                                        for a school place, you must send       complete their supplementary
                                        the evidence from a registered          information form. These are
                                        health professional, which names        available from the school and must
                                        the school and why that place is        be returned by the closing time
                                        required, to School Admissions, at      and date stated, directly to the
                                        the address shown on this page.         school.
                                        Primary admissions                      Secondary admissions
                                        If you are applying for a church-       If you are applying for Christ the

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