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Out of School...
Ventnor Town Council                     and craft and regular trips to PGL Little  Parkside Pavilion Drop In Youth Café
Drop in youth clubs, skateboarding       Canada. Sessions for ages 10/11,           – East Cowes
lessons and creative workshops for       11/13 and 13 plus*.                        Games, crafts, information advice and
ages 9+ Contact Lauren – [email protected]         Contact Tesni – [email protected]              guidance for young people in academic                Quay Arts Second Wave Project -            years 5/6 and 7/8/9. Volunteering
South Wight Area Youth (SWAY)            Newport                                    opportunities for young people aged 14+
Youth activities, drop in sessions and   Art workshops during weekends and          Contact Laura – [email protected]
detached youth work in Brighstone,       school holidays for ages 11-19*
Brook, Shorwell, Mottistone, Niton,      Contact Jeni – [email protected]        Breakout – Island Wide
Chale, Whitwell for ages 11+             org                                        A confidential support service for young
Contact Andy – [email protected]        Pan Together – Newport                     people aged 11-21* who are LGBTQ
Brading Youth Centre                     Two youth nights a weeks for ages 8-11     or unsure of their sexuality/gender
Youth Club with a disco, football,       and 11-16 with a homework club, a          identity. Group activities, trips, visiting
computer games, information, advice      café, IT suite and more.                   professionals and creative sessions as
and guidance. Junior sessions for ages   Contact Natalie – [email protected]        well as support for parents/families. *Up
8-12, senior sessions ages 13-19*                                      to 25 with additional needs
Contact Barbara – [email protected]              Revive – Newport                           Contact Michael – [email protected]                           A Youth cafe for ages 13-19* with
Network Ryde                             video games, pool, crafts, workshops
Youth internet cafe aimed at ages 13-    and information, advice and guidance       Sandown Town Council
19*, offering workshops, information     across a wide range of issues.             Youth club for ages 11 – 19* offering
advice and guidance and drop in          Contact Pete - [email protected]          workshops, information advice and
services. Contact Lisa – [email protected]  Vectis Radio 4Ps Project - Newport         guidance and drop in services.                          Radio and media training for ages 11       Sandown Town Council - [email protected]
Wootton Youth Club                       – 19* Contact Kelvin – [email protected]
Wide range of activities such as arts

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