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Would you consider sharing your home,
in exchange for practical help?

AROUND 15,000 people age over 65 live            With thorough checking and careful
alone on the Island, despite the challenges   matching, the HomeShare team broker a
of living independently in later years.       mutually beneficial living arrangement cen-
                                              tred on an exchange of accommodation for
   Age UK IW recently launched a new          practical help with everyday tasks. Sharers
BIG Lottery funded project, HomeShare,        also contribute to living costs.
designed to bring together householders
who have spare space, and sharers trying to      Age UK IW’s two HomeShare co-ordina-
navigate limited housing options.             tors, Lorraine Lord and Diane Coppell, are
                                              working with health and social care col-
   The matchmaking service aims to prolong    leagues and other Age UK projects to recruit
independent living for householders aged      and thoroughly screen householders and
over 50, and open the door to potential       sharers.
sharers, who can offer practical help around
the home.                                        Their role is to guide householders and
                                              sharers to arrive at a compatible lasting
                                              and enjoyable blueprint for living together,         “Because of the careful preparation which
                                              taking account of practicalities, personalities,  goes into identifying and establishing a
                                              lifestyle and routines.                           match, HomeShare doesn’t offer an over-
                                                                                                night solution.
                                                 Diane explained: “It could be that chores
                                              around the home are becoming difficult, and           “Obviously, it won’t suit everyone, but
                                              that help from an extra pair of hands would       making contact with HomeShare may make
                                              prolong independent living. It is important to    it possible to identify other more appropriate
                                              note, though, that the home sharer cannot         sources of help and advice.”
                                              provide personal care.
                                                                                                   To find out more, visit www.homeshareiow.
                                                 “It’s a win-win situation. Besides the         org or contact the team on [email protected]
                                              obvious practical benefits, HomeShare has or on 525282.
                                              the potential for friendships across the ages,
                                              peace of mind, affordable accommodation
                                              and better quality of life for both householder
                                              and sharer.

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