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Taking steps to                                                       Michele Newton from Four Seasons Cookery
prevent or delay
Type 2 diabetes

Have healthy recipes up your sleeve to
eat well, cook well and stay in
good health

THERE is nothing we can do to prevent Type                            that being diagnosed with diabetes means
1 Diabetes, but around three in five cases of                          the end to enjoyment of food.
Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented or delayed
by maintaining a healthy weight, eating well,                            “They focus too much on what they can’t
and being active.                                                     eat, rather than what they can. I love sharing
                                                                      with them the delicious foods they can eat
   Type 2 is a serious health condition that                          and I explain, as we chat and chop together,
starts gradually, usually later in life. Whether                      what value the food giving them.
you have diabetes or not, it is worth having
some healthy recipes up your sleeve and                                  “The right food can help your blood
doing what you can to cook well and keep in                           sugars remain stable, your eyes, skin, bones,
good health.                                                          immune system, feeling of well being. I love
                                                                      seeing people feeling much better when they
   We spoke to Michele Newton, a trained                              get to grips with the best foods to enjoy and
chef, assessor, cookery writer, nutritionist and                      it is wonderful seeing their confidence build.
restaurateur, who is also a former healthcare
professional.                                                            “We should all be enjoying the same foods
                                                                      as people with diabetes — there’s no magic
   Michele was one of the original members                            formula. Wholegrains, lean protein, pulses,
of the District Diabetes Steering Committee                           deeply coloured fruit and vegetables and the
set up on the Island by Dr Arun Baksi in the                          occasional treat.”
mid 1990s.
                                                                         Michele runs cookery courses and anyone
   A professional member of Diabetes UK,                              wishing to join in can email her on [email protected]
Michele is passionate about sharing her                      for more information.
knowledge and expertise to enable everyone
with diabetes to enjoy delicious, easy-to-                               Private consultations also available, with
cook food which will enhance feelings of                              ongoing support.
well-being without that horrible “I’m being
deprived” feeling.                                                       Recipes provided courtesy of Four
                                                                      Seasons Cookery Academy, which can be
   “Too often, I work with people who think                           found at

Piri-Piri Vegetable Kebabs©                                           Soak the kebab sticks to avoid them splintering.
(serves 4)                                                            Cut the vegetables into chunks that will fit onto the kebabs.
                                                                      Make up the marinade by mixing the olive oil, ketchup, garlic
Ingredients:                                                          puree and Piri-Piri.
1 pack halloumi cheese cut into chunks                                Thread the kebabs, alternating the cheese with the vegetables.
2 red onions                                                          Drizzle over the marinade and rub into the kebabs. Turn over
2 peppers (assorted colours)                                          and repeat.
1 small pack tomatoes                                                 Bake in the oven (approximately 190 degrees Celsius) until
1 small punnet mushrooms                                              cooked (approximately 25 minutes, turning once).
2 tbsps rapeseed oil                                                  Serve either in wraps with shredded iceberg lettuce or on a bed of
Good squeeze garlic puree and tomato ketchup                          couscous or wholegrain rice. Delicious!
Small sprinkling Piri-Piri spice (approx. ½ tsp – careful, it’s hot)

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