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We’re Age UK

THE Isle of Wight is a wonderful place to live The Good Life as you get
older, with a wealth of activities, community groups, charities, businesses
and services, specially tailored to help you live happily, and healthily,
for longer.

 As life expectancy has increased, more people can look forward to
many years of active life after retirement. Now is a perfect time to try
your hand at a new experience, to make new friends and spend quality
time with old ones, take the time to explore our beautiful Island, learn
new skills, take up a hobby or revive an old one.

 By maintaining a positive attitude, staying active, looking after your
physical and mental health and engaging fully in life as you age, you
will find many things to be upbeat about. That is not to say that ageing
doesn’t bring its own challenges, or that everyone will have a positive
experience all the time, but whatever your situation, there is support
available on the Island to help you now.

 This guide offers inspiration to age actively, information to help you
make positive changes to your life now and plan for the future, helping
you to stay independent, active and lead a fulfilling and rich life.

 We are local,  ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS The Good Life 2016

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