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Pete Young:
            age is no barrier

            This Ryde Harrier finds starting
            out late has helped,
            writes AMY SHEPHARD

Pete Young  IT’S never too late to find a sport that     Now a 70-year-old Ryde Harrier,
 4          you’re passionate about. Whether         Pete is a hugely competent runner,
            it’s cycling that you’re considering,    with a gold medal under his belt.
            signing up to run a marathon, even
            rock climbing — there’s guaranteed          In August this year, Pete came
            to be an activity out there that         first in the 70 to 74 age group
            interests you.                           at the European Half Marathon
                                                     Championships, in Denmark.
               Although age is often a factor
            which stops people in their tracks,         Pete finished the Aarhus course
            it can be a great asset to beginners     in 92 minutes 41 seconds, beating
            in sport.                                German champion, Bernd Butgereit
                                                     and fellow Brit, Geoff Newton.
               European champion Pete Young
            didn’t take up running until he was         He also won a team gold for Great
            50.                                      Britain.

               “I think starting so late has helped     Pete, who turned 70 in June, had
            me, because thankfully I’ve not          previously kept fit by cycling — a
            suffered any major injuries,” he said.   sport which, he confessed, he wasn’t
                                                     very good at.
               With life experience comes an
            awareness of your body, and what            “It was fantastic to win the half
            it’s capable of.                         marathon and I’ve been really
                                                     humbled by all the kind messages
               Some may also find that in later       I’ve received,” he said.
            years, they have more available time
            to dedicate to training. And in turn,       Pete has now set his sights on a
            keeping physically active will keep      spot in the England cross country
            both your mind and body healthy.         team later in the year.

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