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A 91-year-old skydiver? JoanLivingstone
Joan Livingstone, I presume

Joan defies the medics to
throw herself out a plane
at 8,000 feet — and loves
every second

WHO said only youngsters             and even filled in forms, which
could be thrill seekers? 91-year     are very daunting sometimes.
-old Joan Livingstone doesn’t
think so.                               “I feel very pleased that I could
                                     do something like this. I’ve done
   This inspirational lady, from St  a lot of exciting things in my life
Vincent’s Care Home, in Ryde,        and I just love it.”
raised more than £1,500 for Age
UK when she jumped from a               Despite warnings from her
plane, some 8,000 feet above         doctor, Joan completed the
the ground.                          skydive at the reduced altitude
                                     of 8,000 feet, instead of 12,000
   “I just happened to see           — and she loved every second.
the advert for a skydive and I
thought, well anyone can do             “I was terrified, but it was so
that,” she said. “I’m doing it to    worthwhile,” she said. “I would
help Age UK IW.                      do it all over again.”

   “I know they do a fantastic          To find out how you can help
job because personally I know        Age UK raise vital funds for its
at least five people, including       cause, visit
myself, who they’ve helped.          get-involved.

   “They’ve come to the house                             AMY SHEPHARD

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