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Ask yourself: Is your
bucket list really
adventurous enough?

Innovation in the travel industry                                       visiting Australia and New Zealand (16 per cent) and seeing the
is opening up new and daring                                            Great Wall of China (14 per cent).
                                                                           Driving Route 66 or exploring the Great Barrier Reef (both 14 per
IN THE year Saga celebrates its 65th anniversary, new research by       cent) are also on the hot list.
the company has revealed the development of the package holiday
has resulted in Brits increasing our spend on holidays to almost a         When asked what makes them adventurous, holidaymakers say
fifth of our disposable income.                                          that picking a new destination whenever they go away (28 per cent),
                                                                        picking a destination they know little about (21 per cent) and trying
   The new research from Saga reveals one of the reasons for this       something they’ve never done is what makes them so daring.
increase in spending is due to the dramatic innovation in the travel
industry.                                                                                                                                                  9

   The package holiday was born in 1841 and as the 1900s began
the taste for travel grew — with an estimated 250,000 holidaymakers
visiting seaside resorts like Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool.

   By the end of the 1920s, a newer more innovative form of travel
took off with air traffic growing from only 6,000 passengers in 1926 to
nearly 173,000 escaping to warmer climates in 1929.

   The pace of growth started to escalate quickly after the Second
World War.

   Growing employment, disposable income, an increase in
leisure time and activities and a general change in social attitudes
contributed to more than one million Brits travelling abroad by 1950.

   In the 1960s, the cruise industry started to develop with cruise
lines taking passengers to far flung destinations such as Hong Kong,
Singapore and Bangkok.

   By the 1990s, the growth of budget airlines meant the holiday
industry grew rapidly and by 2015 Brits were making 65.7million
visits abroad.

   In fact, the Centre for Economics and Business Research reveals
that the average person now spends 17 per cent of their total
disposable income on holidays.

   In addition, research into today’s package holiday bucket list
conducted by Saga shows more than a third of older people feel
more empowered and adventurous than they did ten years ago.

   Top of the things to tick off 2017 bucket lists include seeing the
Northern Lights (26 per cent), going on a luxury cruise (16 per cent),

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