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Contents                                 Consumers and busi
                                         Stamp of Approval

                                         Isle of Wight Trader Approval Schem

                          Page           Welcome to the new Isle of Wight Trader Approval
                                         Scheme directory benefiting businesses and giving
Consumers and businesses                 consumers choice.
win with Isle of Wight
Trader Approval Scheme 2                    The scheme has changed its name to IW Trading Standards Approved, with a
                                         new logo.
Why you can trust businesses
with Isle of Wight Trader                   The terms and conditions are very similar and the scheme is still intended to
Approval Scheme                      2   promote businesses who abide by the law and the spirit of the law to give consumers a
                                         register of businesses they can rely on.
How to avoid problems 3
                                            Welcome to the new Isle of Wight trader Approval Scheme directory, benefiting
Contracts                            3   businesses and giving consumers choice.

Business services                    4      The scheme is intended to promote businesses who abide by the law and the spirit of
                                         the law to give consumers a register of businesses they can rely on.
Home exteriors                       6
                                            If someone comes to your door to sell goods or services, it is not the time to agree.
Home interiors                       16  Give yourself time to think. Products such as solar energy installations, roof repairs, loft
                                         insulation or gardening work can cost a lot of money and are a big decision to make.
Motor vehicles/servicing 24
                                            There are many factors to take into consideration, such as “does it need to be done?”,
Retail                               26  “how much?” and “what will the quality of the work be?” Also “What if something goes

                                            Trading Standards recommends you never buy goods or services from a cold caller at
                                         your door.

                                            If you are told there is a problem with your property or there is a tree causing
                                         problems, for example, check the information with a local trader to ensure you are
                                         being told the truth.

                                            The service recommends residents use traders from the Isle of Wight Trader
                                         Approval Scheme if you need work carried out on your home.

                                            Doorstep crime was one of the main reasons for instigating the service, to introduce
                                         the scheme so we could recommend traders to residents.

                                            The scheme, which has around 250 members, now covers a wide variety of trades and
                                         service providers, from both the retail and professional sectors, and provides the resi-
                                         dents of the IW with a list of local traders who they can trust.

Personal services/other/                 Why you can trust these businesses with Isle of
entertainment                        28  Wight Trader Approval Scheme

Professional, financial              30  Every business listed in this guide has been vetted by
and legal services                       our Trading Standards Service.

                                         This latest directory is even bigger and better listing more than 300 businesses.

STAMP OF APPROVAL. Published by            G Members are fully audited by a Trading Standards officer to ensure they
the Isle of Wight County Press Ltd,                     trade in a legal, honest and fair way.
at Brannon House, 123 Pyle Street,
Newport, PO30 1ST.                         G All staff who visit your home have passed a criminal records check.
                                           G Members are properly insured.
If you would like to advertise in          G Advice and help from Trading Standards officers should problems arise.
the next edition please call               G Clear pricing with no hidden extras.
Advertising on 01983 521333
                                              The businesses listed on the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme will vary in size,
All information provided is to             expertise and cost. To make sure the business you have chosen will best match your
assist consumers in exercising             expectations, it is important to seek several quotes and to ask questions before
their own best judgement.                  going ahead.

   Details of businesses are             If you want to become a member
correct to the best of our
knowledge at the time of print           If you think your business would benefit from being a member of the IW Trading
and supplied by the IW Trader            Standards Approved scheme, please go to and click on the “about
Approval Scheme team.                    the scheme and membership”.

Visit                01983 823000To find our latest members or to verify a member’s status phone

                                                                  or visit

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