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What flowers and when?                                                                                                                  The Isle of Wight County Press WEDDING DIRECTORY 2017


Gladiolus — Trumpet shaped flowers on long stems. Perfect for
dramatic centrepieces or pedestals. (Early autumn).
Dahlia — Multi-petal, dramatic blooms available in a range of
colours. (Early autumn).
Chrysanthemum — A range of varieties from multi-petal heads
to simpler daisy-like heads. Can create dramatic centrepieces.
Nerine — Exotic looking flower with slender petals, in shades
of pink.
Hydrangea — Compact flowers in a naturally rounded cluster, in
a variety of soft colours. Ideal for centre-pieces and bouquets, an
inexpensive option, but not long lasting.


Camellia — Large, open bloom with dark foliage, perfect for
centrepieces or buttonholes. (Late winter).

Lilac — Delicate, star-shaped flowers with a strong scent. Ideal for
informal centrepieces.

Euphorbia — Curved stems with small yellow-green flowers,             All Year
ideal for a contemporary look.
Snow-drop — Delicate, white, bell-shaped flowers. Best used           Rose — Available all year in a huge variety of colours. The
in small bouquets or centrepieces. (Late winter).                    classic bridal flower makes wonderful bouquets, buttonholes
Amaryllis — Large, trumpet-shaped flower, available in pale           and centrepieces.
and bright colours. Ideal for a dramatic centrepiece.
Anemone — Delicate flower with fern-like foliage, available           Phalaenopsis orchid — Large, striking orchid, often used in
in a range of colours.                                               trailing bouquets. A more expensive option.

                                                                     Lisianthus — Single and double-petal varieties available, most
                                                                     commonly in purples, blues and whites. Perfect for bouquets,
                                                                     buttonholes and centrepieces.

                                                                     Gerbera — Daisy-like flower in a wide range of colours. Ideal
                                                                     for contemporary bouquets and centrepieces.

                                                                     Arum lily (Calla lily) — Dramatic, trumpet-shaped flowers.
                                                                     Perfect for simple over-the arm bouquets and buttonholes.

                                                                     Carnation — Inexpensive, long-lasting flower, available in a
                                                                     variety of colours. Look best grouped together.

                                                                     Gypsophila — Small flowers often used as fillers. Can also be
                                                                     grouped together to create a bouquet.

                                                                     Lily — Dramatic flower with clean lines, ideal for contemporary
                                                                     bouquets and centrepieces.

                                                                     Iris — Dramatic large-petal bloom in a rainbow of colours. Ideal
                                                                     for tall centrepieces.

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