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Wedding fairs and advice for the                                                                                                          The Isle of Wight County Press WEDDING DIRECTORY 2017
bride, groom and bridesmaids

Tips for bride and groom:

Arranging a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow this
advice, to avoid wedding fever — and to get the most out of the
big day.

Plan ahead and do not procrastinate.      other experts involved will have the
If you take one thing at a time, you      experience to guide you. Listen to their
won’t be overwhelmed. Once you            advice and have faith they will do a
select the date and venue, the rest will  good job.
start to fall into place.                 Avoid getting caught up in the idea
Aim to have all the arrangements          of perfection. A wedding is not about
made and loose ends tied up at least      perfection, it is about celebrating your
two weeks before the wedding, to          love with friends and family. Step back
allow you some breathing space.           and remember what’s important:
Prioritise. Think about the three most    Dresses, cake, flowers, food and
important things to you — out of          drinks will not affect the success of
location, dress, photography, flowers,     your marriage. Focus on keeping a
music, food and wine — and focus on       realistic perspective.
these first.                               Aim to have all loose ends tied up at
Make wedding appointments fun.            least two weeks before the wedding, to
Wedding fairs, visiting venues, tasting   allow you some breathing space.
food and sampling wines can be            Savour every moment of the day. Let
enjoyable outings, providing plenty of    go of stress and think of it as a party.
inspiration and ideas.                    Be sure to spend time with your new
Trust the professionals. The team         husband/wife, your guests and your
at your venue, your florist and the        family. Stop during all the hustle and
                                          bustle to enjoy yourselves.

                                          And for bridesmaids:

                                          So you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid? Congratulations! There
                                          is plenty of fun to be had, but remember you are there to support
                                          the bride.

                                               Be patient and listen. The bride will need to talk things through while she is making
                                               up her mind about the details of the day. She will lean on you when she gets nervous
                                               or stressed.

                                               Be honest, but tactful. If she asks your opinion on a dress which isn’t flattering, you
                                               will need to tell her gently what you really think. She will be counting on your honesty.

                                               On the day, you will need to help her with getting ready and with loo visits, refreshing
                                               her hair and makeup and dealing with any unexpected glitches. You will need to be
                                               attentive and stay sober.

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