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INSURANCES are another
cost to be considered. Life
insurance, buildings insurance
and contents insurance are
among the many options when
purchasing a property. What’s
more, some lenders make it
a stipulation to have a certain
level of insurance in place
before they will release funds.


THERE are a number of reasons for remortgaging,                           early repayment charges first.
whether it be to reduce your monthly mortgage                               Remortgaging can also help you raise funds for an
payments, improve your home or consolidate debts.
Moving your mortgage to another lender can help                           extension or home improvement project and can be
reduce your outgoings by converting your mortgage                         more cost-effective than moving home altogether.
to a lower interest rate but make sure you consider
                                                                            For information, see: www.moneyadviceservice.

Lawyers you                                                               Wheelers Solicitors
can talk to
                                                                                             Helping you achieve
                                                                                                   your aims in life

MOVING house is said to be one        their support staff will see you.         69a High Street, Newport
of the most stressful experiences        A testimonial from a happy 
of our lives and one of the                                               Phone today for a free appointment
reasons cited is that the lawyers     Mr and Mrs H stated: “You
take too long. This is not helped     kept us fully and clearly                      Tel:01983 533938
by how hard it seems to speak         informed throughout. You were
to them and find out what is           exceptionally (in our experience)
happening.                            responsive and very proactive on
                                      our behalf. The best experience
   Jake Sandbach, Laura Barton        we have ever had from a lawyer
and Paul Wheeler are the              when buying a property — for
conveyancing team at Wheelers         which many thanks.”
Solicitors and understand the
importance of being available to         Wheelers Solicitors has built a
speak to or meet their clients at     reputation as a firm that provides
the time their clients need them.     exceptional customer service and
                                      over 95 per cent of their clients
   If you call them on the phone      return to use them again and
they will speak to you or return      recommend them.
your call as quickly as possible. If
you call into their office without an     For a competitive quote for
appointment they or a member of       your house move call Wheelers
                                      Solicitors on 533938.

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