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a new home

Local Newspaper

                                                          THE Isle of Wight County Press
                                                          regularly features at least 40 pages
                                                          packed with local properties to either
                                                          buy or rent. There are also regular
                                                          sections on new developments,
                                                          conveyancing and opportunities
                                                          for first-time buyers.

                                                                                                  The Internet

                                                                                                  SCOURING the internet for
                                                                                                  properties you like is another
                                                                                                  way to start your search. Sites
                                                                                                  such as Wight Agents, www.
                                                                                        , which only
                                                                                                  features Island properties,
                                                                                                  will help give you a better
                                                                                                  understanding of your likes and

New developments

IF YOU’VE got grand plans for a self-build         including obtaining planning permission,
home of your own, identifying a suitable plot      before work can start.
of land will be your first port of call.
                                                      If you’re interested in purchasing a new
   Land sells very quickly, so you’ll have to act  home on the Island, there are several options
fast if you come across something which has        for buyers. Developers large and small are
building potential. The Island has many expert     building homes across the IW, with large-
architects, structural engineers and quality       scale schemes in Newport and East Cowes/
builders to help make your dream a reality but     Whippingham.
there will be many legal issues to overcome,

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