LETTERSFrom Mike Tarrant, Bembridge:
My beautiful and beloved wife, Carola, died at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on January 14.

I have nothing but praise for the hospice for the way in which my wife was treated in her final days and the comfort and sympathy extended to both myself, my sons and my family.
In her time, Carola was the unpaid chairman of Bembridge County Primary, Forelands Middle and Sandown High schools.
I think — although I am prejudiced — she contributed more to the common good than any overpaid politician.
I have received a number of donations in respect of my wife, which are to be split between the two charites she defined on her death bed — the hospice and Cancer Research. As previously stated, I have nothing but praise for the staff of the hospice but having checked its website, I note all donations made online — which through convenience I wished to do — must be made through an organisation called JustGiving.
On further investigation, I find if I contribute money to the hospice through the medium of JustGiving there is a service charge of five per cent of the funds I contribute.
This means if I decide to donate £1,000 to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, it will only receive £950.
I find this charge totally excessive and cannot understand how the management of the hospice have agreed to such an arrangement.
Perhaps they would be prepared to comment?