LETTERSFrom Sally Davies, East Cowes:
I have in general a deal of respect for those in public office, and am content to assume that decisions they make are made with good reason.

However, the pursuit of a £120 fine from Mr Platt for taking his child on holiday during school time, taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court, seems foolish beyond belief, especially when considered alongside the County Press headlines of last Friday, listing the swingeing austerity measures which will need to be taken.
Will we be told how much this is going to cost?
There is a strong argument for allowing some latitude in the Island.
A large number of families depend on tourism for their livelihood, so that it is impossible for them to take breaks during the Easter and summer holiday periods.
It would, therefore, be reasonable to allow those young people whose attendance record is good, and academic achievement satisfactory to take such leave, given that education is not entirely what is learnt in the classroom, and family holidays have an important place in a child’s formation.