Ten years ago: Jigsaw solved the puzzle of what to name Carisbrooke Castle’s latest donkey addition. Morgan Crisp, eight, won the chance to name the donkey through a competition organised by the County Press. The name was inspired by the donkey’s patchwork-coloured coat. Morgan is pictured with Jigsaw.

100 Years Ago
September 29, 1917

NATIONALLY, teachers’ salaries were increased by up to £30 per year (£1,909 in today’s money). However, IW teachers only had an increase of £8 — equivalent to just £500.
Teachers were quick to criticise the education committee, which had not followed through on promises.

75 Years Ago
September 26, 1942

The IW war on rats was named the greatest Island contribution to the war effort.
In the previous 12 months, the farm rat population was reduced to almost nil and almost 3,000 rats were destroyed.
Rats were considered a threat to farming and already scarce agricultural supplies.

50 Years Ago
September 23, 1967

When two IW teams turned up to play their annual cricket match, they discovered their pitch was under nearly three feet of water and were reluctantly forced to postpone the match.
Twice a year exceptionally low tides uncover a section of the Brambles sandbank in the middle of The Solent for about an hour, leaving time for a match to take place.
However, strong winds built up and the strip of sand was not exposed.
Twice the teams ventured out into the sands only to discover they were unable to play.

25 Years Ago
September 25, 1992

Russian orphans found a host family — thanks to help from the County Press.
Two Russian orphans flew into Britain to take up a year’s study at Bembridge School as part of a nationwide scheme.
However, in order for the visit to come to fruition, a host family had to be found.
After reading the story in the CP, John and Brenda Kenyon stepped forward to help.

10 Years Ago
September 21, 2007

Council officials were branded killjoys for banning ball games and thereby stifling the sound of children’s laugher, enjoyed by residents of Clarendon Place, Newport.
The ban promoted a retired householder to contact the County Press begging the council to think again and to allow children to play.
The resident said children were now forced to play in a road with a sharp corner at each end instead, putting them in further danger.