A wedding party, firefighters and musicians took to the streets on the world’s largest bike in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. More than 230 cyclists took part in the Big Bike Ride on board the 24-seater bike which was 43ft long and weighed two tonnes. Ten rides took place throughout the day in Ryde, Havenstreet and Sandown, raising a total of £10,000. At the front are the bride and groom, Paul and Maureen Phillips.

100 Years Ago
September 1, 1917

A GALE and rainstorm wreaked havoc over the Island, with many roads being blocked by fallen trees.
In Freshwater, telephone wires were blown down across the marshes and at Colwell Bay almost all the bathing machines were destroyed.
Sandown was one of the worst areas affected and the Baptist church in St John’s Road suffered serious damage. Many roof tiles were loosened, and some broke away, causing rain to seep through into church and organ.

75 Years Ago& ;lt;br/>August 29, 1942
Potato blight had affected many gardens on the Island and warnings were issued to growers about the effect it could have on crops. They were advised to keep a close watch on potatoes and were told if there were any signs of blight, haulms should be cut down to ground level and burnt.

50 Years Ago
September 1, 1967

The Island was cut off from the mainland after a break in one of the main telephone cables. A salvage ship operating in The Solent damages nearly half a mile of cable.
The ship had been retrieving a disused power cable and mistook the phone cable for its target, dragged it aboard and began to pull it apart causing extensive damage before realising the mistake.

25 Years Ago
August 28, 1992

As Islanders embraced the rave culture of the early 90s, the authorities were clamping down.
A two-night rave was held in an empty Wroxall house after similar attempts were thwarted in Shanklin and Bembridge.
A second rave was not as well attended because of police roadblocks deterring potential revellers.

10 Years Ago
August 31, 2007

The Island’s population was bulging in both senses of the word. Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics put the Island’s population at 140,000 from a previous figure of 130,00.
On top of that, figures also showed that 50 per cent of Islanders were overweight.
The NHS figures showed 27,000 adults and 2,400 children were clinically obese and another 46,000 adults and 2,300 children were overweight.