BRUNO the donkey died this afternoon at the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary.

The outreach and adoption animal had two operations last week after an apparent abscess revealed an infection and significant problems with the blood supply to his hoof. His condition did not improve and further surgical procedure today did not help.

Bruno died surrounded by the sanctuary staff.

Writing on social media, the sanctuary said: "Bruno had been at the sanctuary since at least 1990, and in the last five years lived with his outreach friends, Belle, Busby, Daisy and Blossom.

"Bruno was careful, sensitive and very curious. He was well known for being very worried about drains, and he would never step over a drain if there was an alternative route he could follow – even if it meant a 30-yard detour. There were special Bruno routes at the sanctuary, where he could move from paddock to paddock without fear of crossing any obstruction – or drain.

"He had a fantastic life, wanted for nothing and was a real ‘character’ at the sanctuary; Bruno was instantly recognisable, with his beautiful brown coat and white nose, and like all of our donkeys, he meant so much to so many people."