AN ONLINE survey has been set up to help residents comment on proposals by the Isle of Wight Council to re-model the junctions of St Mary's roundabout with Forest Road and Parkhurst Road.

The survey has been set up by Lib Dem Councillor Andrew Garratt who represents Parkhurst ward on both Isle of Wight Council and Newport Parish Council.

He said: "I've set up this survey as I'm concerned that the Council's own consultation may not gather enough information for the Council's Cabinet to make a properly informed decision when it considers the proposals in May.

"My survey has links to the Council's plans and documents which residents have told me are difficult to find on the Council's web site. The survey has a structured series of questions to help residents set out any concerns they have.

"The survey is not limited to residents of Parkhurst ward. The proposed changes are likely to affect the vast majority of Island residents at some point or another, whether that's the daily commute or school-run, or to visit the hospital, or to go to businesses on the industrial estate, or many other reasons.

"I'll keep the survey open beyond the closing date of 21 February that the Council has set for its own survey."

His survey can be found at: