A LIB Dem proposal to abolish Ofsted and scrap SATs exams has been backed by the local party.

The proposals for overhauling education would see Ofsted replaced with a new HM Inspector of Schools.

Schools would be inspected every three years and given one of three ratings — good, requires improvement or requires support.

Isle of Wight Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson Nick Belfitt said the move would ease the pressure on Island schools struggling to meet 'unattainable targets.'

He said: "We desperately need education reform on the Island. It’s been one year into this Conservative council’s life and we could already be facing an educational disaster — the Conservative promise of all 'good' schools on the Island is becoming more unattainable as more cuts and mounting pressure on staff and student grow.

"There is no support for teachers who are struggling achieve unrealistic targets. Two years ago we saw what Ofsted thought of Island schools, calling us a 'ghettos' yet providing zero support.

"We need to look at alternatives to give our students quality education to go into the real world. Education shouldn’t be about learning how to pass a test, it should be about giving our children confidence and knowledge so they can part take in society and achieve."