TWO Isle of Wight women have been recognised for their 'suffragette spirit' on International Women's Day.

Equality campaigner Yve White and Green Party politician Vix Lowthion have both been placed on a map of inspirational women compiled by Amnesty International.

It was 100 years ago some British women won the right to vote and Amnesty has marked the occasion by showing the suffragette spirit is alive and well in Britain today.

The charity called on people to nominate women who are fighting for human rights and has placed them on an interactive map.

People can click on the map, launched today, and find out more about the women who have been nominated and their work.

Yve, Isle of Wight Unison equality officer and one of the founders of Isle of Wight Pride, said: "It’s a massive honour because the suffragette movement is definitely something that has inspired me. Fighting for people’s rights is so important, whether it’s women’s rights or LGBT rights, or standing up for disabled people or for racial equality.

"Anyone who’s being picked on, I’m all for standing up for them."

Lecturer Vix, the Green Party's national education spokesperson in addition to her Isle of Wight role, said: "I was surprised and honoured to be nominated as part of this project. Amnesty International have been defending human rights and building a safer world for over 50 years. In this centenary year of the vote it is a perfect opportunity to look at how far we have come, and how there is still much work to be done to expose human rights abuses both globally and locally.

"I'm so pleased to stand with Yve who is such an inspiration in her pioneering work with Isle of Wight Pride and the LGBT community. There are so many other strong Island women who could also be on this list — brave women who challenge and fight for a better world day in and day out, encouraging each other to keep going, and making the Isle of Wight a fairer and more just place to live."

View Amnesty's 'suffragette spirit' map at