PEOPLE in one of the most deprived areas of the Isle of Wight have told MP Bob Seely how they have been affected by government cuts.

Mr Seely visited the Downside Community Centre and Isobel Cafe at Furrlongs, Newport, run by the charity Pan Together.

He met volunteers from the charity, Dave Logan, of POA Learning, which provides adult education classes, and Jasmine Parson, seven, who had written to him.

It followed an invitation from cafe manager Gayana Ryan, who emailed him about the hardship faced by residents as a result of public service cuts.

She said afterwards: "I was quite angry about a government cuts announcement when I emailed Mr Seely, but I hope this visit will help him to better understand the lives of ordinary people in his constituency. He was very polite and interested in what we had to say."

Ward Cllr and Pan Together chair of trustees Geoff Brodie said the Pan and Barton community was a strong one, but suffered from child and pensioner poverty, poor health ?and educational ?outcomes and higher than average unemployment.

He said: "I ?believe the MP found the visit informative and ?to some extent ?troubling. This is probably a far cry from some of Mr Seely's ?other ?Island experiences??."

However, Mr Seely said he had regularly visited Pan and looked forward to doing so again.

"I would like to thank Gayna and her team for meeting with me and showing me some of the great work Pan Together does," he said.

"I look forward to working with the team, and Cllr Brodie, to see how I can help support Pan Together in future."