AN ISLE of Wight woman stuck in a 'hell hole' hospital in Bulgaria following a skiing accident said she cannot wait to return home.

Jacqui Skeel, who manages the education centre at St Mary's Hospital, was taken to Samokov Hospital on Wednesday last week after two skiers crashed into her on the slopes at Borovets, leaving her with a fractured pubic bone.

She had been skiing with a friend and an instructor when someone knocked her down, then a second skier crashed into her as she was on the ground.

Arriving at the hospital, Jacqui, 49, of Ryde, said she was shocked at the filthy conditions and frightened for her safety.

"I felt very unsafe and vulnerable," she said.

"There was no hot water and it was filthy, with electric wires everywhere.

"There were old blood stains on the bed sheets. I wet the bed once, when I missed the bed pan, and asked them to change the bed — they just handed me a new sheet.

"They give you pain relief, and broth that's more like dishwater, and that's it.

"I'm just thankful I didn't need surgery.

"I can't blame the hospital. They did their best for me but it's state run, they have no money."

Following repeated calls to her travel insurance company, tifgroup, Jacqui was yesterday moved to Tokuda Hospital, a private hospital in Sofia.

She cannot fly for two to four weeks, so an ambulance crew has been dispatched from the UK to collect her and drive her home.

"As soon as I got here I felt safe and comfortable. It was a huge relief," said Jacqui.

"I can't wait to come home."