NEWPORT bus station's layout will change next week.

Southern Vectis has announced it is moving some of its busiest routes to the more spacious stands at the station.

The new layout will be unveiled on Sunday, March 25, so passengers will need to make sure they are at the right stand.

The following changes will be put in place:

> Route 1 will move to stand A.

> Routes 7, 12 and 38 will move to stand B.

> Routes 2, 3, 6, 8, and 39 will move to stand C.

> Route 5 will move to stand D.

> Route 9 will move to stand E.

The island in the middle of the station has been re-lettered to become the new stand D, it was stand E.

The central stand D will no longer serve West Cowes, only East Cowes.