A PORN film was accidentally shown to confused seven year olds at a primary school in Cowes.
Children went home with a lot of questions after seeing a sex scene on the big screen at Lanesend Primary School, in Love Lane.
A source told the County Press pupils had been watching an online video about the Titanic, but when the video finished, a pornographic film began playing on the website.
“A little girl went home to her mum and said ‘we saw people humping at school today, it was really funny’,” the source said.
“She told her mum, ‘there was a naked lady lying on the floor and a man went over to her and put his finger in her mouth. Then he lay on the floor’.
“Apparently the teacher had her back to the screen at the time, so she didn’t realise it was playing until the children started laughing and she turned it off straight away.
“The children found it funny and weren’t too distressed, but parents are very angry about it.”
Lanesend confirmed the incident, which happened on January 19, was being thoroughly investigated.
The school said it was unable to comment further on the matter at this time.