PLANS to expand Morrison's supermarket in Lake, creating 75 new jobs, have been lodged with the Isle of Wight Council.

The proposed development includes a 1,909 sqm single storey glazed extension at the front of the store, with a new entrance lobby, plus a new customer cafe, toilets and staff canteen.

The supermarket would be redesigned, increasing the floor area by 1,560 sqm, as would the car park, with disabled and parent and child spaces relocated next to the entrance.

A new internal access road and roundabout would be created - although the access from the main road would remain unchanged - and the area around the store landscaped, with some shrubs and plants removed.

According to the planing application, the larger warehouse and shop floor would enable Morrisons to offer a wider range of goods.

Currently, it states the aisles are too narrow, the shelves are stacked too high and there are too few checkouts: "The store appears congested particularly during the summer months and throughout the Christmas period - to the extent that conditions can be uncomfortable and off-putting for customers. Aisles are cluttered (due to storage of stock and replenishments that cannot be accommodated within the insufficient warehouse areas) and too narrow to accommodate the volume of shoppers trying to navigate the store.

"The reconfiguration of the internal layout would make it much more comfortable for shoppers to conduct their convenience shopping."

The new jobs would include management roles, and apprenticeships for butchers, bakers and fishmongers.

A previous planning application to expand the supermarket was approved by the council in 2013, but has now lapsed.

Comments can be submitted at until January 19.