YOU may think a few packets of crisps and some cakes is not exactly rolling out the red carpet for star performers, but that's exactly what they want, according to Shanklin Theatre's bookings manager.

When Irish comedian Ed Byrne performed there recently, he posted a picture of his backstage snack selection on twitter, commenting: "Not too shabby. Sweet and savoury on offer."

But one theatre-goer thought it was plainly unsavoury treatment of the star of comedy panel show Mock the Week.

Caroline Johnson said: "Given they charged over £20 per ticket, you would think they could lay out more on hospitality than £6 worth of snacks and maybe showcase some of the Island's fantastic local produce?"

But Vic Farrow, the theatre's bookings manager, said: "It simply doesn't work like that.

"Ed asked for some snacks and that's what he got. If he had wanted any more than that, we would gladly have got it for him.

"Some just want a coffee or something light during the break as they've usually eaten before they arrive.

"When Omid Djalili came, all he wanted was a bag of Maltesers."