AN ENERGY charity has apologised after mixing up its figures and stating 63,000 households on the Isle of Wight were experiencing fuel poverty. 
As reported on Monday, National Energy Action estimated 63,000 households on the Isle of Wight were suffering due to changes in Universal Credit benefits and allowances.
The charity has since apologised for the incorrect figure and confirmed that 6,730 Island households are struggling to pay for fuel. 
Families in fuel poverty are facing an income shortfall of up to £9,331 per year (£778 per month) to cover basic essentials, including energy, the charity said.
Peter Smith, director of policy and research, said: "The report illustrates the catastrophic impact Universal Credit could have on these families who have no savings to insulate them from falling into debt, going hungry and not heating their homes over the current six-week waiting period.
"We aren't talking about needing to cut down on a few luxuries; we're seeing people switch off the heating for the whole winter and kids only eating one meal a day. We know others are adopting unsafe behaviours in an attempt to keep warm, withdrawing entirely from society or building up bigger and bigger debt problems.''