A TEENAGE politician has been hailed 'an inspiration to our Island' and 'an ambassador for young people' following an impassioned parliamentary speech.

The UK Youth Parliament held its annual meeting in the House of Commons last Friday, November 10, where Isle of Wight MYP Joe Davies was chosen to give the keynote speech on the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Dedicating his speech to the Isle of Wight Pride team, Joe said decriminalisation was not enough.

He said a law 'telling us it's ok to be gay' was not enough when persecution still existed, when people were still beaten to death for being gay, and homosexuality still carried the death penalty in six countries.

The tributes quickly poured in on social media.

Joe's speech was described as 'the best speech from the front bench of the House of Commons this year, but sadly not from a member of the government.'

Speaking to the County Press afterwards, Joe said the experience of speaking in the Commons was one he wouldn't forget.

"My jaw was on the floor the whole day. It was an incredible honour to sit on the front bench, thinking about all the history and the speeches that have shaped the nation, and continue to do so, right from where I was sitting. It's an overused word, but it was humbling," said Joe, 17, and A-level student at the Island Innovation sixth form.

Joe used his speech to criticise the government for selling arms to Saudi Arabia despite its appalling human rights record and said he was surprised, and disappointed, it had been edited out of the broadcast.

"I have asked what the justification was for that. It seemed inappropriate to me," he said.

Joe said he was overwhelmed by the plaudits he had received.

"It's utterly, utterly surreal. I really didn't want to make it about me, which is why I dedicated it to Isle of Wight Pride," he said.

"I was actually told that was a bit cheeky as you're not supposed to give shout outs in the House of Commons.

"The comments I've received, I'm honestly not used to this and I really appreciate it. It really meant a lot to me."