A PLEA from young people on the Isle of Wight to support the Votes at 16 campaign has been snubbed by MP Bob Seely.

Writing to Mr Seely ahead of last week's Commons debate on lowering the voting age, Isle of Wight Youth Council vice chair Tom Jackson said: "The Youth Council and Youth MP feel strongly about this issue as we feel people aged 16 and 17 should have a real say in how this country is run.

"It simply seems illogical to us, especially as many young people with part time jobs pay National Insurance yet do not have any influence on how that money is spent."

The Tories were accused of blocking the bill by spending too long talking, so there was no time for a vote.

Rejecting calls to support the campaign, Mr Seely said: "I am in favour of keeping the current system, which has worked well, and which is in line with the vast majority of the democracies in the world.

"Eighteen is the age at which full adult responsibilities are assumed as well as legal independence. It is right this comes with the right to directly participate in our democracy. Young people can take on some responsibilities from 16, thereby enabling them to secure some experience of adult life before taking on full adulthood, including voting, at 18."

Lowering the voting age has, however, been backed by Isle of Wight Labour Cllr Geoff Brodie.

He has tabled a motion to next week's full council meeting, calling for the authority to support the Votes at 16 campaign.

"Currently 1.5 million 16 and 17 year olds are denied the vote. The campaign supported by thousands of young people across the UK and the Votes at 16 Coalition consists of a wide range of youth and democracy organisations," said Cllr Brodie.

He said 16 and 17 years olds were as 'knowledgeable and passionate' about the world they live in as anyone else, and as capable of engaging in the democratic system, and they should have a say in decisions that will define their future.

"People who can consent to medical treatment, work full time, pay taxes, get married or enter a civil partnership and join the armed forces should also have the right to vote," he said.