FOLLOWING the dramatic boat fire in Ryde Harbour yesterday (Wednesday), a clean up operation has been launched.
The Isle of Wight Council has been working with the boat owner and other partners to recover the wreckage.
A working boat was deployed to the harbour this morning (Thursday) to clear away loose floating debris.
A council spokesperson said: "Until the boat is recovered, the council’s harbour master will be working with users of the harbour to ensure their safety is maintained and that the harbour can be quickly brought back into use during this busy summer holiday period."
An Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “We believe that most of the diesel fuel that escaped from the vessel was burnt off, and therefore, the risk of marine pollution is minimal.”
As a precaution against possible pollution, absorbent material was wrapped around the vessel to capture any further diesel that may escape.
The pontoon next to the fire was badly damaged and will need to be replaced, which will restrict capacity within the harbour in the short term.