A CLEANING company offering naked or topless maids in exchange for cash has launched on the Isle of Wight.
Maid on the Isle of Wight charges customers £85 an hour to have their homes cleaned by a naked woman, and £75 for a naked man.
But the business has already come under fire.
Fiona Gwinnett, chief executive of Wight Domestic Abuse Support Hub (DASH), said: "It is extraordinarily exploitative and people are exposed to a number of serious risks - this is the sex industry under a different guise.
"I understand things such as burlesque can be thought of as empowering but I can't conceive in any way, mode, or manner how cleaning nude could be empowering."
Maid on the Isle of Wight did not respond to the County Press's request for comment.
When a similar business in Manchester featured in a local paper, it was met with a more positive response, with people arguing it was 'a quick and easy way to make good money' and 'women could choose their own career paths'.
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(Please note: Maid on the Isle of Wight is not linked to established Island cleaning firm Wight Maid)