ISLE of Wight parents picking up and dropping off children during the school run are being urged to stop their engines idling while using mobile phones.
Councillor Chris Whitehouse, who is making the plea, said there were two main reasons for cutting engines while waiting outside schools — air pollution and recent changes in the law around using mobile phones at the wheel.
Several residents who live close to Island schools expressed concerns to Cllr Whitehouse, who leads on school policy for the Isle of Wight Council.
Cllr Whitehouse said: "For many parents, there’s no choice other than to do the school run by car, but there are two main benefits in turning off the engine.
"First, we reduce pollution, raising the air quality for our children and for those who live near our schools. Second, turning off the engine reduces fuel consumption and saves money.
"If your engine’s turned on, and you’re on the mobile phone, depending on where your vehicle is, you may still be breaking the law.
"You may be liable for six points on your licence and a £200 fine. Newly qualified drivers with under two years’ experience could lose their licence altogether and have to retake their test.
"Park responsibly and turn off the engine, is my simple message. It’s a small change, but it could improve air quality, reduce fuel bills and avoid points on your driving licence."