AN unusual visitor has paid a visit to Wootton Creek to do a spot of fishing — a young seal.

The marine mammal, a common or harbour seal, was first seen swimming in the creek on Wednesday last week.

The seal, believed to be part of a colony of common seals from Hayling Island, has been feeding in the creek ever since. It has also been seen resting up on the pontoon.

Stephan Voigt, the Island’s co-ordinator for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue group, said: "It is no surprise the seal has come to the Island. It is no distance for seals from Hayling Island.

"Common seals have been spotted by dog walkers in Wootton Creek on a regular basis, probably feeding on grey mullet, as well as in Newtown and Bembridge, where the feeding is good. 

Seal at Wootton Creek

Picture by Doreen Gazey.

Seal at Wootton Creek

Picture by Becky Shaw.

Seal at Wootton Creek

Picture by KyleDewick.