A DANCE that explored the importance of courage, daring, imagination and teamwork were qualities that shone through when Gurnard Primary School took to the Rock Challenge stage in the latest heats last night (Thursday).
A team of 80 pupils, aged eight to 11 years, performed — and adopted the battle cry — Game On — at the J-Rock event held at the O2 Guildhall, Southampton.
It earned them third place from nine teams and a clutch of awards for choreography, stage use, drama, soundtrack, set design, costume, visual enhancement and entertainment.
Earlier in the week, students from Prior School, Whippingham, made their debut at the Rock Challenge.
With a dance routine inspired by tribal, hip-hop and the Maori Hakka, the school’s team of 29, performed the piece, Where the Wild Things Are, on Tuesday night.
The Priory School, Whippingham, on their début appearance at Rock Challenge.
The school’s team of 29, performed the piece, Where the Wild Things Are, inspired by the famous children’s story of the same name, at Southampton’s O2 Guildhall, on Tuesday night.
They came fifth,winning awards for best drama, concept, soundtrack, stage crew and video performance.
The competition’s judge told the young team: "It was a master class in playing to your strengths."

Priory School Rock Challenge

Picture by Nick Scott.

Gurnard Prinary School Rock Challenge

Gurnard Primary School at J-Rock. Picture by Nick Scott.