BEHAVIOUR has improved and so have results at Carisbrooke College according to Ofsted inspectors in a report published today (Thursday).
The latest monitoring report was the second since the school was deemed to require improvement in March 2015.
There was praise again for executive headteacher Peter Shaw, who was commended earlier this week for the improvements found at Medina College, which is federated with Carisbrooke College and the Island Innovation VI Form.
A behaviour policy introduced in September, combined with better teaching and support for students vulnerable to underachievement, had led to fewer exclusions and better behaviour.
Inspectors added: "Improvements made throughout the school during the first year following inspection had a positive impact on the 2016 outcomes for Year 11 pupils."
Validated results are expected to show pupil progress levels in line with national levels and the number of Year 11 students achieving at least a C grade in GCSE in Maths and English was higher than national levels.
Progress by disadvantaged pupils was less consistent however, with wide gaps in achievement, leading inspectors to say there was still much to do, particularly at Key Stage 4.

The school was recommended for closure in 2015, when there were plans to merge it with Medina.
Those plans were abandoned and the school is now set to be rebuilt.