A LACK of action to save the Isle of Wight's only ice rink has come under fire from Labour members.

The Ryde branch of the Labour Party has criticised 'inaction' on the part of the Isle of Wight Council to ensure Ryde Arena is reopened.

It said Ryde Esplanade should be a place of 'Christmas magic' for families, skaters and sports fans, but instead the building stood empty and the town had lost a much-loved amenity.

Ryde Labour Party secretary Jim Moody said: "It’s just not good enough for the council to shrug and say it can’t do anything. Leisure facilities like the ice rink are important to the life of our town and our community. 

"When people elect their councillors, they don’t expect them to sit on their hands complaining of their own impotence.

"It’s time the council told the people of Ryde what action they’re going to take to ensure the ice rink is re-opened, and to preserve it for future generations of Islanders to enjoy."

He said the party had hoped negotiations between Ryde Arena's owners and operators would see the rink reopened quickly, but the future of the rink was now doubtful. 

The branch has called for the council&am p;#39;s 'indifference' to the fate of the rink to be challenged.