Scare stories

I am sure others were as bewildered as I was by Liberal Councillor Matthew Huntbach's attempt to overcomplicate the debate around a directly-elected mayor for Lewisham (News Shopper, August 29). Yes, the debate does boil down to one simple question. Do you, the people of Lewisham, want to (a) directly elect the person who will run the borough or (b) allow councillors to make the decision behind closed doors? Cllr Huntbach's nightmare scenario of a mayor in almost complete control of the council would not be out of place in a Jeffrey Archer novel. In reality, there will be a strong function, consisting of all non-executive councillors to hold the mayor to account. So don't be put off by scare stories. Vote YES in the referendum to have your chance to elect your mayor.


Dave Bodimeade

(Labour, Churchdown Ward)

Use Dome well

I was delighted to read (News Shopper, August 29) Greenwich Council has rejected Smint's bid for the Dome. The building was designed to celebrate the millennium and provide a historical review of the last 1,000 years. To let a Spanish sweet firm plaster its logo all over the roof would be no way to solve the problems which have blighted the enterprise. It would be a retrograde step. The £1m fee the firm would have to pay would be a drop in the ocean of the original cost of the building, and would put off organisations interested in using it as something worthwhile. There must be some alternative and I hope Greenwich Council sticks to its guns.

Dave Jones

Trafalgar Road


Fun time for all

Glyndon Adventure Centre has been a brilliant place to go these past few summer holiday weeks. I am a registered childminder in Greenwich and have a varied age group of children to keep entertained, but at Glyndon they have an under fives area where I can stay while the older children play football, table football, rounders, paint, use computers, watch TV or listen to music in the bigger area. I can also keep an eye on them while staying with the little ones. A fun time was had by all. The staff Bill, Chris, Sam, Delroy and Lesley do a brilliant job with all kids. We could do with a few more places like this. Well done and a big thank you to all the Glyndon Adventure staff.

Mrs Debbie Singh

Ceres Road


September 7, 2001 9:10