THE psychiatrist accused of poisoning numerous drug addicts with toxic cocktails at his private clinic has been thrown out of the medical profession.

The General Medical Council (GMC) heard how 52-year-old Tom Onen, of Orchards Way, Beckenham, prescribed up to six times the lethal dose of morphine to addicted patients at his Deptford clinic.

Two drug addicts died following treatment at Onen's clinic, which even supplied an addicted roadie for veteran band The Eagles with drugs for a world tour.

Medical experts heard how addicts from all over the country visited the Sunny Medical Centre, in Lower Road, to obtain extensive prescriptions they would then sell on.

The tribunal found Onen and his 50-year-old colleague Dr Walter Onyango guilty of inappropriate and irresponsible prescribing after the month-long hearing.

A number of ex-clients gave evidence, describing how the pair of doctors casually prescribed a mix of drugs, including methadone, dexedrine, morphine and date-rape drug Rohypnol.

Committee chairman Professor Kenneth Hobbs said the pair's attitude to prescribing was "quite extraordinary".

Andrew Collender, for the GMC, said there were a number of criticisms levelled at the pair's actions.

He said: "These include the failure to independently verify the patients history, and a failure to test the dose of the drugs prescribed against the patients.

"It is vital these checks are done to ensure the proper care of the patient."

Dr Onyango, of Welwyn Garden City, was banned from practising outside the NHS for two years at the conclusion of the hearing on August 14, which is estimated to have cost more than £500,000.

August 17, 2001 11:36