APOLLO Theatre is to host to a world record-breaking attempt next Friday, July 21.
Something Strange will star professional sideshow performer Johnny Strange in an attempt to break his 13th Guinness world record.
Organiser Alex Watts said: “We’ve turned down global brand sponsors who wanted to take the show to London.
“As a big believer in the IW, the goal now is to let only Island brands sponsor the event.
“We’re teaming up with the IW College and its graphic design class to create limited edition posters and are currently seeking an up-and-coming media team to film the event in place of the TV station offered.”
From chainsaw juggling to sword swallowing, Johnny Strange’s catalogue of death-defying talents will be explored in an interview with Alex Watts.
Johnny will then take to the stage for his record-breaking attempt in an as of yet un-revealed feat.