AN ISLAND author has written a book to teach children about critical thinking.
Aiming High is geared towards parents and provides a series of techniques to help children keep an open mind, identify and weigh up evidence, and spot basic flaws so they can come to their own conclusions.
In the heat of election season, author Debra Price hopes the techniques in Aiming High will show even primary school-aged children how to weigh up conflicting arguments.
Debra moved to the Island in January last year and now lives in Shorwell.
She taught critical thinking to teenagers for more than ten years and is also the director of Gresham Books, a specialist Island-based publishing company.
“I wrote this book because so many parents asked me if the skills and mindset of critical thinking could be taught to their younger primary school-aged children,” she said.
“While many are asking schools to teach children about ‘fake news’, there is a huge amount parents can do to help their children weigh up evidence and spot fake news for themselves.”