A COUPLE from Downham have been terrorised in a senseless vandalism campaign and they are convinced the attackers have targeted the wrong home.

Sixty-seven-year-old Maureen Belcher and husband Derek, 65, are dumbfounded after the windows of their Headcorn Road home have been smashed three times since December.

Maureen, who is a cleaner at Burnt Ash Primary School, said she and her husband are at the end of their tethers after the latest attack on March 3.

She said: "We don't know what to do. When the first window was smashed we spent hours trying to work out how and why it happened. The second time, we realised someone was doing it deliberately. It's hard to come to terms with.

"We're not even sleeping now, because we are always expecting another brick to come crashing through a window. It's absolutely terrible.

"We can't think who would want to do this to us. Our only conclusion is it's someone with a grudge who has the wrong house. We don't have any enemies we just want it to stop. This just isn't fair."

The Belchers have bill receipts totalling nearly £1,000 for repairs required following the attacks.

Daughter Debbie, who lives nearby, said: "Mum and dad, who retired last year, may be forced to move out of their home of 30 years if the harassment does not stop."

She added: "They're going through hell and through no fault of their own. The police don't seem bothered they just see it as a few broken windows but my parents' lives are being ruined."

The couple, who have four grandchildren, have now received a letter from police assuring them the case is being investigated.