Is this a Blackgang ghost?

By Martin Neville

Friday, August 15, 2008


Is this a Blackgang ghost?

DO YOU SEE A GHOST?: This still frame from Mark Norman's video footage, taken on a family day out at Blackgang Chine, seems to show an apparition of a little girl dressed in blue. View the footage and judge for yourself.


IS IT a digital glitch, a reflection in the lens or something straight out of an episode of the X-Files?

Mark Norman found he had captured more than he bargained for while filming a family day out at Blackgang Chine.

This snapshot, taken from his video footage, appears to show the ghostly apparition of a little girl dressed in blue.

Her fleeting appearance was spotted by Mr Norman’s eldest son while replaying the footage back at home.

“I don’t really believe in ghosts, but the footage is very strange. To me it looks like a little girl skipping or dancing,” said Mr Norman, of Sandown.

“One of the children actually looks towards the figure at the precise moment it runs past. It’s all very weird.”

Mr Norman, who was with his wife, Melinda, and children, Chloe, Louis and Josh, ruled out lens flare, as it was not a sunny day, and said a brand new mini-DVD was in the camera.

Blackgang Chine boss Simon Dabell said: “We have got two or three tales, particularly to do with smugglers, but nothing revolving around this little girl, unless anyone else knows different?”

Watch the footage to judge for yourself.

(Problems seeing this video? You may need to install Adobe's free Flash player)

A selection of readers' responses:

Karen Knight, from Newport: "I read the story 'Do you see a ghost' with increasing interest as during a visit to Blackgang Chine last April, I believe I saw the ghost of a small girl.

"I was just leaving one of the sawmill buildings when I felt compelled to turn around. When I did, there before me stood a young girl, in a blue dress with blonde hair tied into two plaits. After observing each other for a couple of seconds she just disappeared.

"She looked so real that if she hadn't just disappeared, I never would have even known she wasn't a real girl.

"I wonder how many other visitors have seen her without realising she's actually not really there."

Gavin Lumley: Reference ghost video, it is the sun shining on the camera. There is a slight movement down with the camera making it look like the girl is skipping and also, the camera moves left to right at the same time the girl moves."

Shirley Riley: "I live in America and read the County Press every day.

"I watched the video and observed something. If this WAS a ghost, then why did the two people in the video by the building obviously watch this so-called ghost walk right past them and not jump out of their skins?

"Their heads move along with the motion of the so-called ghost. I think something stinks in Denmark!"

Madeline Westbury, from Ryde: "Sorry to spoil your ghost story, but it is obvious from the footage that the image is moving exactly in step with the camera operator. Furthermore, if you look closely, the image is of a person sitting down - you can see knees.

"If you were able to have a 180-degree image to the sides of the video camera, I'm convinced you'd see someone sitting nearby. Their reflection has been caught by the shape of the lens and the vividness of the colours have been caused by the diffraction of light in the lens."

Lucie Lumley: "I love a good old ghost story, but this one just isn't right. I have been visiting Blackgang since I was a small child and straight away I saw who she is. If you look slightly to the left of where the cameraman is, there sits Little Miss Muffet. Knee-length socks, blue dress and blonde hair. Great trick of the light, though."

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