£10 turn-up-and-go fixed link would revitalise the Island

Published on Friday, February 15, 2013 - 11:04


£10 turn-up-and-go fixed link would revitalise the Island

How a fixed link from the Island to near Hurst Castle might look.

LETTERS From Geoff Elliott, Sandown:

THE extortionate fares and ad-hoc timetables of our ferry operators can be resolved by the building of a fixed link to the mainland.

The distance across The Solent, from the outskirts of Fort Albert, near Yarmouth, to the outskirts of Hurst Castle, near Milford-on-Sea, is less than 1,000 metres (0.62 of a mile).

A private road construction company would not take long to build a single-carriageway bridge or tunnel and, with a return toll of, perhaps, £10 per car — just 20 per cent of the summer ferry fare — would soon recover its investment.

Just think of it — an all-weather, anytime crossing with motorists freed forever from the expensive tyranny of timetabled departures.

Just imagine the luxury of driving to and from the mainland whenever, without having to book a passage.

And, of course, the prosperity for the Island would rise in line with the resultant increase in tourists and visitors. The industrial parks would fill their vacant lots. Youth unemployment would dramatically reduce. Council coffers would fill up. And so on …

When the car ferries and railways got organised last century, the Island changed and prospered. A fixed link in the form of a bridge or a tunnel would bring the same benefits.

Of course, certain residents incapable of thinking beyond their own future will rail against change and cry overcrowding. Such nonsense will have to be thwarted — our roads and business premises are way below capacity at the moment.

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