£100 fine for delay beyond our control

By Kathryn Harding

Published on Friday, June 13, 2014 - 11:31



From Kathryn Harding, Niton:

I recently took my two young granddaughters to the Red Jet to return them to Southampton, where their mother was waiting to pick them up.

I used the escorting children ticket, which is super, but the Red Jet was nearly 15 minutes late leaving, which made our arrival in Southampton that much later.

My daughter in law had parked at the proper time but because of the lateness of the ferry she had overstayed the parking and was fined £100. There is only a short-stay park on the pier.

What was she to do — risk moving the car or miss the children, aged four and six? She stayed and was fined. A cautionary tale for anyone meeting children at Southampton.

Red Funnel were very apologetic when I explained the situation but said it was out of their hands as a parking firm was responsible for pier parking.

Parents and grandparents, please be aware of this and don’t get caught as we did

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