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Friday, October 12, 2012


LETTERS From Rod Wilkinson, Sandown:

I WAS very pleased to learn from last week’s CP that Sandown and other local councils intend to tempt Richard Branson to purchase Wightlink.

I, and others I have spoken to, totally support this approach, seeing it as a very sensible action in an attempt to obtain a quality customer-facing ferry service with an appropriate fare structure.

It certainly outstrips the ridiculous idea being put forward by our MP to introduce a third operator in order to increase competition between ferry operators and thus reduce the cost of fares.

If Mr Branson’s Virgin Group feels it is unable to assist in this plight then maybe another intermodal group such as 'Steady’ Eddie Stobart would be.

And, of course, if I dare mention it, there is always the alternative of a fixed link to the mainland.

I know this suggestion is supported by at least one of our local councillors, who, like so many others, is passionate about restoring the Island’s tourist and commercial trade.

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