Carers need consistency

Friday, January 18, 2013


LETTERS From Alan Davies, Brighstone:

IF you are a carer or you know of a carer living on the IW who isn’t known to the IW Council, Carers UK IW or the IW YMCA Young Carers Project then please tell them about the IW Council’s Have Your Say — working together with carers 2013 consultation.

I came to know about this as I am already known to the council, yet there are thousands of carers living here who I know aren’t.

I have already suggested to the council IT stops moving the goalposts with regards to carers’ needs within personal budgets.

Due to their cutbacks, I have lost a sizeable chunk from the 2011/2012 personal budget for the 2012/2013 year, with which I was able to buy in a valuable service, yet now cannot.

One thing I need as a carer is continual support from our council. In the last year/18 months, the IW Council took on a commissioner for carers. Perhaps the money taken from my personal budget is being used to make up her salary.

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