Carnival music deafening

By Roel Wegener

Published on Friday, August 01, 2014 - 11:30


LETTERS From Dr Roel Wegener, The Netherlands:

Sandown’s 125th carnival anniversary was a colourful event with splendid floats accompanied by spectacular street-dancing. Thousands of excited onlookers were lined up along its route, enjoying the lively parade.

What a shame some of the most flamboyant groups were accompanied by ear-blistering music, grossly in excess of 110 decibels (dB).

Both amplifier operators and those responsible seem to be unaware that any sound with a loudness over 100 dB may cause acute damage to the hearing, both in dancers and public, adults and children alike.

This damage is permanent and irreparable. It could easily be prevented by reducing the sound volume to a safe level of 75 dB. Inflicting grievous bodily harm can hardly be the intent of such a memorable carnival parade.

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