Change law on disabled bays

Published on Friday, January 11, 2013 - 11:03


LETTERS From Mrs S. Wright, Cowes:

I AM in 100 per cent agreement with Don Smith (CP, 20-12-12) what is the point of the Highways Department marking Disable Bays for people, when yes anyone can come along and park in it with no consequence.

Life for disabled people is hard enough without going out and coming back to find yet again some inconsiderate person has parked in the bay which has been allocated for your specific needs.

Unfortunately as now it will be public knowledge that people can park in Disable Bays I fear the problem will only get worse. I have applied to have my bay remarked and was told the waiting list was three months, they also asked if I wanted to pay £75 so I asked would that guarantee that nobody else could park in it and was told no so I certainly won't be paying for it.

I have been fighting this problem for over five years now and am no closer to this being resolved. I was also told to phone the police each time but as I was told there is nothing they can do, what is the point of calling them I was asked at one point to stop phoning as there was nothing they could do. I find I do have a problem with one person who has children and I wonder what message they are sending to the younger generation.

My health and mobility has got worse over the years and will continue to deteriorate, I find now that I am getting too frightened to go out as I will have nowhere to park when I return home.

It is time the law was changed Disable Bays at supermarkets, hospital car parks etc., can all issue tickets so why not the white Disable Bays.

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